PacSet Acknowledgments

Thank you
PacSet wouldn’t be possible without the support and help of many people. There aren’t enough ways to truly express how grateful we are. This page is but a small way to acknowledge and thank everyone for their help. We’ve done our best to include everyone here, so please excuse our oversight if we missed you.

Street Team

Ai Ling C.
Bonni P.
Damien R.
John P.
Kyle C.
Kyle E.
Lorien K.
Mike V.
Zaviera R.

Indiegogo Backers

Ai Ling C.
Alex P.
Andrea M.
Anna P.
Arcadia M.
Bamboo D.
Becky B.
Brian S.
Catherine W.
Charlton Y.
Chris B.
Chris B.
Chris S.
Doug T.
Earl G.
Elizabeth E.
Jeff F.
Jo T.
Josh S.
Josh S.
Kevin E.
Kyle C.
Mariah M.
Stef B.
Tiffani C.
William A.
William T.

Super Supporters

Ai Ling C.
Anime Detour
Becca W.
Brooke J.
Chris M.
Deb A.
Emily W.
Finni C.
Grace F.
Jessi S.
Jo T.
Junko K.
Hiroko I.
Kei N.
Rich T.
Stef B.

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    (closed during major holidays)
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