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      Hey everyone! This is the thread for self-introductions, getting-to-know-yous, and all that other awesome stuff. I’ll start…

      Name: Evan Liu
      From: From LA, born and raised in Minneapolis, MN
      What brings you to the tour?: I’m the tour guide! I’ll be the guy standing around and saying things in a loud voice. :D
      Looking forward to: The group dinner in Akihabara, Arima Onsen, and getting to know all of you!
      What’s on your desk?: Guidebook revisions and drafts, my laptop, two Makoto figures from Free!, a Gundam Build Fighters robot teddy bear, a calendar, Person of Interest Season 3 DVDs, and a mug of coffee.
      Recent Anime: Nozaki-kun. Seo is my spirit animal, for reals.
      Anything else?: Looking forward to the trip!

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      Hey guys! Let’s keep it rolling. We’ll be seeing each other very soon!

      Name: Lanny Liu
      From: From LA, but a New Englander at heart.
      What brings you to the tour?: I’m the secondary/assistant tour guide! I’ll be there to help answer questions, help Evan out, and tell you what delicious things to eat. +_+
      Looking forward to: Foooooooooood, getting to know everyone, and the onsen!
      What’s on your desk?: Too many gatchapon toys, they’re so hard to resist.
      Recent Anime: Second episode of Kill la Kill (yeah I’m behind!). Still not sure what to think of those outfits…
      Anything else?: Getting my Japan stomach ready!

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      Name: Heather Skweres (pronounced “squares”)
      From: Texas is where I’ve spent most of my life so let’s say there.
      What brings you to the tour?: I’ve never been to Japan, but have always wanted to go. I started loving Japan b/c of my love for anime and manga, but I’ve matured from that and grown a real appreciation for the language and culture as well. My husband and I will be taking this trip together and neither of us has been overseas before so this is a big first. We thought a tour would be best since we have no experience with this kind of travel and PacSet was recommended to me by a few friends.
      Looking forward to: Just everything, really! This is going to be a great adventure full of lots of new experiences and opportunities for learning new things so I’m going to try to soak it all in best I can.
      What’s on your desk?: Right now I’m at work so it’s just a bunch of boring files, papers, and office supplies (although I do have a sketchbook hidden in my desk). But my desk at home is much more interesting. There are lots of Nendoroids and other dolls and figures and things hanging out. My favorite is probably the Nendoroid of Sakura from Sakura Wars with her mech.
      Recent Anime: Rolling Girls is probably my favorite in the current season, but I’m also watching Yuri Kuma and that Magical Boys Club show w/a long name I can’t remember, as well as Rage of Bahamut: Genesis which I’m really enjoying. I’m also really behind on Jojo’s and have promised friends I will someday finish Ping Pong. Also, it must be said that Nozaki-kun is just the best! I intend to buy as much Nozaki-kun merchandise in Japan as will fit in my luggage. Kill la Kill is also the best, btw. ;)
      Anything else?: I am terrified about this trip, but in a good way. I’m very excited to meet everyone and have this wonderful experience. Really looking forward to it. ^_^

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      Name: Elyssa
      From: Currently, Minnesota! I’ve also lived in Arizona, New Jersey, New York, and Texas.
      What brings you to the tour?: I’ve been looking to return to Japan (this will be my fourth trip), but didn’t know anyone locally who had the resources to go. I didn’t want to go totally alone, and since I had attended presentations by Evan when he worked for a previous tour company, Pacset came immediately to mind.
      Looking forward to: Shopping, Onsens, and the Ghibli Museum!
      What’s on your desk?: Since I’m at work, a lot of work stuff, a Bad Cat calendar, and various Hello Kitty pens. I also have two lucky cat figurines (each has a different paw raised), and photos of my cat hanging up for all to enjoy.
      Recent Anime: I just finished the second season of Sword Art Online, but I also liked Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Parasyte (still going), and Nozaki-kun. Frankly, I’m still reeling over Attack on Titan’s twists and turns.
      Anything else?: I am super duper ultra excited about this trip, meeting everyone, and making great memories and friends.

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      Michael De Marco

      Name: Mikey De Marco
      From: Born and raised in Los Angeles
      What brings you to the tour?: I’ve never left the country before. I’ve always loved Japanese things, from video games to anime, for as long as I can remember. I grew an appreciation of the culture of Japan from it. I found Pacset a couple years ago at a booth at AX and (since I finished college last year) decided to sign up with them in AX 2014. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any friends with the funds to come with, so I hope to make friends in the group tour!
      Looking forward to: AnimeJapan, Tokyo Disneysea, food, getting to know everyone
      What’s on your desk?: a Maschine (that I still need to learn how to use), various docs and papers, a Domo, Pictures of my baby niece/God daughter, dog, My mom in Kindergarten, me and my little sister when we were young. All my anime stuffs is set in different parts of my room apart from my desk XD
      Recent Anime: All time favorites are Rose of Versailles and Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. Recent anime though- Kill La Kill is an awesome show. Nozaki-kun is absolutely hilarious. Attack on Titan of course. Parasyte I’m catching on Crunchyroll. Still have some blu-rays of Patlabor I need to watch
      Anything else?: If anyone else is going to Tokyo Disneysea on the free day, lets all make plans to go together in a group if possible! (unless you got your own plans of course). Hope to get to know everyone!

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        Rose of Versailles is so great! Lady Oscar is one of my favorite anime characters. She’s so cool. Beck is really, really good as well. I could go show by show, but basically everything you’ve listed here are things on my list of favorites. :)

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        Michael De Marco

        Haha, ya got some good taste :) Princess Jellyfish is also a good one lol

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      Yari R.

      Name: Yarissa (but you all can call me Yari!)
      From: Puerto Rico
      What brings you to the tour?: I’ve been dreaming about Japan for a very long time and finally found the time to visit!
      Looking forward to: Everything! Meeting and having fun with everyone! The Tokyo Tower, Shibuya crossing, Ghibli museam, Shinkansen, the list goes on!
      What’s on your desk?: Just junk from work like my laptop, note pads, reports but in a little corner of that dark cubicle, a print out of the Tokyo skyline at night with the words “Tokyo Nights – March 2015!!”, I need it for motivation and reminder I’ll be there soon!!
      Recent Anime: Tokyo Ghoul; Sailor Moon Crystal (don’t judge lol); Ghost in the Shell: Arise
      Anything else?: Golden Gai, anyone? I’m up for any adventure and fun!

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      Name: Elizabeth
      From: From the GTA ,Ontario, Canada
      What brings you to the tour?: This is my first vacation and I figure go big or stay home. Both my partern and I are really looking forward to this, it will be the first time we done anything this big and I hope we become a closer couple because of this experience
      Looking forward to: I went the the perfect package cause I’m looking forward to everything. but especially the Tokyo tower, studio ghibli and the convention.
      What’s on your desk?: On my desk right now is a pile of paper work just calling my name, my two monitors and a bottle of water, exciting right, outside my desk is a demolition site where I get to watch huge machines destroy a building.
      Recent Anime: Sailor Moon Crystal, Ghost in the Shell, Magica Madoka, Deadman wonderland and magical boy club (its very funny)
      Anything else?: I a bit of a gamer and I look forward to gather some street pass people for my DS

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        I am also bringing a DS and will be cruising for street passes! What games are you currently playing?

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        I am playing Pokemon X, animal crossing and some Mario games. How about you

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        I am still playing Bravely Default, and I have one of the ported Zelda games for the flight!

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        Oh. My boyfriend has the Bravely Default game, I may just have to borrow that off him. lol

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      Name: Murray
      From: Salt Lake City, Utah
      What brings you to the tour This is my first adventure/vacation! My travelling companion and I have been wanting to do this since high school, we’re getting a little old that if we didn’t do it now… Well who knows! I’m a big nerd (not the biggest I still like to watch sports) and I’ve set Japan as my nerd Mecca.

      Looking forward to: Everything! That’s for real, we went with the perfect package ’cause we didn’t want to miss anything!

      What’s on your desk?: I’m at home, so several pill bottles, external hard drives and one plushy jelly fish I got for ordering the first disk of Princess Jellyfish (海月姫) I watched it when it came out and laughed so hard at every episode and when I saw Clara was included with disk 1 I had to have her.

      Recent Anime: Too many to list all of them (I have waaay to much time on my hands) but the ones that stick out this season and last Tokyo Ghoul, Log Horizon, and Dog Days (season 3… It’s fun… Don’t judge me!)

      Anything else?:As I mentioned up above I’ve got way too much time on my hand which if I’m not reading or watching anime I’m playing games.. I probably play far more than I should.

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        What kind of games?

        We’re thinking of trying to bring a couple of board games (nothing too big, and space permitting, of course) just to try and have some extra fun where we could.

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        Michael De Marco

        lol, if anyone’s down with late night Cards Against Humanity, that would be fun. Dont know if ya got that, I got the basic release though

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        CAH was one of the things that immediately came to mind.

        Seems like a great way to change the gaijin stigma.

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        Michael De Marco

        Haha, CAH would be awesome. What other board games ya got in mind?

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        Mostly video games the more interesting board games I’ve never played (risk etc) I am pretty much down for whatever unless I’m all in but my shirt tails (tired).

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        You have a plush Clara? So jealous! D: I have the keychain that came with the Funimation box set at least. I also have a cute crochet pattern for a plush Clara that I really should tackle one of these days since it’s the closest I’ll ever get to the real thing. Really, really love Princess Jellyfish.

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      Dallas, TX

      What brings you to the tour?:
      My wife?
      No, but I’ve had a standing appreciation for the kind of art/entertainment that either takes place in or uses Japan as overt inspiration for the thematic elements: cyberpunk, sprawl, endearing light pollution and adventure all come to mind.

      Besides, I’ve never been a trip of this magnitude before and PacSet sort of made it pretty easy to go to a place that we both think of as mythic or special.

      Looking forward to:
      Gundam. Front.

      What’s on your desk?:
      Mega Size Zaku @ 85% completion, cutting mat, nippers, sanding sticks, Raspberry Pi emulator station, 20th Centruy Boys, Cards Against Humanity, and some applied statistics textbooks that I don’t want to talk much more about.

      Recent Anime:
      Parasyte is probably my fav of the most recent anime. Knights of Sidonia was also pretty good, but I follow the manga a bit more than the anime. Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan, Barakamon, Hozuki and MgRonald’s Devil were are pretty great, too.

      Anything else?:
      Heather’s (AppleCat) hubby. Looking forward to meeting everybody and have a good time…

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        Good call on Parasyte Chris, I’ve read the manga but the show is doing so well following it that it hurts my heart in certain spots.

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        We read the manga in the early ’00s and thought it was amazing (del ray release, not the tokyo pop one). We were initially a little worried about the adaption, but it’s shockingly good. It’s also been a lot of fun to sort of re-explore the series through the anime.

        I remember one episode in particular… We knew it was coming, but had forgotten just how soon it takes places. It was kind of amazing to get that level of surprise again.

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        Yeah I won’t go into it too much to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t watched it yet, but man there are some moments that when I read them hit me pretty hard. To see it animated and voiced just made it that much more dramatic.

        On a totally separate note, I noticed several people listed Attack on Titan as being a current or recent favorite. Not sure how the free time etc. Will work out (this is my first trip/tour) but I noticed this it’s over by Universal Studios Tokyo.

        Link doesn’t appear to be working so I probably did it wrong, just copy / paste if you want to see the pictures for them


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      Name: Dan Cadera
      From: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
      What brings you to the tour: My girlfriend, myself and my 3 pals are all going to be on the tour together. We’ve been rocking the anime hard since high school (which for a couple of us is like, the early 90s). Japan has always been the impossible dream, so 2 years ago we said 2015 would be the year. Gave us time to get our shi…uh “act” together so we could go as a group.

      Looking forward to: Being in Japan with my friends! Pretty much the whole package should be crazy overwhelming to take in, which is what we’re gunning for.

      Recent Anime: This season? Death Parade is awesome so far and Assassination Classroom. Lately, Jojo’s and the new Ranma 1/2 blu-rays which never get old to me. All time favorites are Macross, Gunbuster, Code Geass and Keroro Gunso.

      Anything else?: @Phillangees, if this information helps, we asked about the Universal Studios Japan Eva/Attack on Titan attractions. Pacset said it was possible but that we would probably need close to a whole day of the tour to make it happen. I guess the lines for the popular attractions can be 2-3 hours long each. We decided not to do it, but if you have a free day or want to go enough to skip something it sounds like they can help.

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        Michael De Marco

        I heard about 2-3 hour lines (the Japanese are a very patient people I guess). Im going to Disneysea on the free day though. Im making sure to plan out my day as much as possible when I get there

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        Thanks for looking into that I’ll have to talk to my compadre and see if he’s interested in that. I’m betting he’ll just want to stroll around somewhere and see the sites.

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      Name: Guillaume Fortier (pronounced like “Geek-home”, but without the “k” and “h”)

      From: Grew up in Moncton like Dan, but living in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), for like 15 years now.

      What brings you to the tour?: A bunch of us J-nerds were planning a Japan trip, and we figured it’d be better to go with an awesome organized tour instead of trying to organize everything ourselves.

      Looking forward to: Giant Gundam! Anime Japan! Staying in a Capsule Hotel! (I’m staying an extra day at the end just to do that!)

      What’s on your desk?: Computer monitor, a stack of CDs and lots of clutter! Relevant here are: CDs by Polysics, Cornelius, Teengenerate, Guitar Wolf and a compilation of 60’s girl-pop from Japan. Oh, and a Super Robot Wars DVD.

      Recent Anime: Mardock Scramble (didn’t like it), Galaxy Railways (awesomely ridiculous), Attack On Titan (YEAH!), Cromartie High School (soooo funny!). Planning to start Kill la Kill any day now.

      Anything else?: Man, this is coming up FAST! Can’t wait!

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      Name: Jen

      From: From LA, born in San Antonio, TX and raised in Austin, TX

      What brings you to the tour?: The desire to take a trip with my brother and the desire to do a pop culture themed Japan tour.

      Looking forward to: Ghibli Museum and Sega Joypolis. Damned if I’m not salivating at the possibility of visiting Swallowtail, though.

      What’s on your desk?: Currently at work, so various papers, a cara cara navel, a pink lady, a… pear (I think it’s a green anjou), a painting of a Powerpuff version of myself punching Mojo Jojo, this kleenex box cover, an ancient Rio Carbon, and a 3D printed doge sitting under a glass case.

      Recent Anime: I’ve started Lesbian Bear Storm and am one ep from finishing Space Dandy (I think I just don’t want it to end), but currently Revolutionary Girl Utena is commanding all my attention – I’m actually only just watching it for the first time!

      Anything else?: My brother and I are flying separate from everyone, so we’ll meet you all at Narita!

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        The New Brunswick crew is also meeting up with the group in Narita rather than L.A., so you two won’t be the only ones!

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        Rock on! We land at 12:10p. Yourselves?

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        3 of us from New Brunswick, doing land only, get to Narita at 2:45 p.m. Which I believe is only 10 minutes before the main L.A. Pacset crew arrives. Good to know when we get there, some other people on the tour will have already arrived.

        I’ll probably just be fascinated by the airport. Like Narita has an anime goods shop in it…what?!

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        So far, the 2 of us coming in from Montreal are scheduled to arrive a bit later (3:55 pm). But Delta’s already switched up our schedule 3 times since we bought the tix, so who know when the hell we’ll actually get there!

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        I feel you on that last ep of Space Dandy. I held onto it for a while. I only just finished it a couple of weeks ago myself. That show was so much fun and I won’t say anything about the end except its great. ;) As for Utena, I, too, was pretty late to that party (just watched it for the 1st time a couple of yrs ago), but better late than never, right? Also, I recommend checking out Penguindrum, Ikuhara’s other series, if you get a chance. That one is pretty good, too. Looking forward to meeting you! ^_^

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      Penguindrum was actually the first of Ikuhara’s series that I watched! I loved it, but being a westerner a lot of it was lost on me since it was so deeply rooted in events and cultural phenomenon very specific to Japan.

      Space Dandy is the kind of show I wish would go on forever and ever – every episode some different auteur’s crazy ass vision. I love it.

      Looking forward to meeting you as well :D

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        Yeah, Penguindrum is very layered to the point it’s almost confusing. It’s easy to miss all the different things that show throws at you. There is a lot to digest there. Utena has a lot of layers and symbolism as well, but it’s much easier to decipher. Both are good, but I think Utena is easier to understand overall. And I have no idea how Yuri Kuma compares yet b/c it’s still so new! But so far, it’s good and Ikuhara is still doing his thing.

        And Space Dandy was such a neat collaborative effort! I’d love to see more shows let these artist be so free and have fun with their creativity.

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      BTW, in case anyone wants a preview, this exhibit is currently running at the Ghibli Museum:


      It will be on display through May so it will be there when we visit. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starting to get pretty excited!

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        Oh man this looks incredible. Thanks for sharing!

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        Yes, thank you for sharing that make me more excited to see the museum. IT art like always looks for pretty

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      Michael De Marco

      So what kinda plans does everyone got in mind to do while were there (minus the stuff on the schedule already)? Like, whatcha all gonna do on the free day (or any other free time we have)?

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        We’re doing Mt. Nokogiri on the free day. Anyone else?

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        We’re probably going to go wandering, explore the city a bit. That might be the day we go out to the Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear Cafe). That was an anime I really enjoyed so I’m excited to visit the themed cafe.

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      Name: Greg Loustalet (lou-sta-le) “it’s French”

      From: Denver, Colorado

      What brings you to the tour?: My wife and I met and bonded over Japanese culture (we met at an Anime club in College.) and the desire to go was on both of our bucket lists. We desperately wanted to do this before we had children.

      Looking forward to: I’m all about SquareEnix so Artina is going to be a dream. Also I’m a big fan of hot springs out here and everyone I know whose gone to Japan at one time or another raves about Onsen.

      What’s on your desk?: A bamboo plant, my steampunk gamemat/mousepad, FFXIV printouts for crafting rotations. Vitamins, a TEEN TITANS GO! Raven bobblehead (limited edition white) an oversized 20-sided life counter die, my High School Graduation tassle. Vitruvius from the Lego Movie, a cup full of pens and a picture of my wife and I.

      Recent Anime: Started watching Log Horizon season 2, finished Kill la Kill since I Loooooooooove Gurren Lagann, Sword Art online, Tiger and Bunny, and recently picked up watching Basquash again. (Really unknown, but Really friggan good.)

      Anything else?: I like games of all sorts, (tabletop, video, and some card.) To our neighbors from up North, my wife and I are Die-hard hockey fans so please hang with us a lot.

      and now….my wife!

      Name: Andelyn Loustalet (Ann-duh-lin) – it’s easier to just call me Andie!

      From: born in Dallas, TX, but I’ve been a Colorado girl for about 20 years now!
      So… technically Denver then.

      What brings you to the tour?: JAPAN! Oh… and JAPAN! And onsens, and Akihabara and Kobe and Osaka, and JAPAN! And anime and video games and nerdiness. I’ve been obsessed with anime (Sailor Moon stole my heart back in the day!) since I was very young, and was a chief officer of the Colorado State Univ. college Anime/Japanese culture club, and we had over 100 members! So this is honestly a dream come true. Bucketlist, before we have kids, etc, there are many reasons. I’ll apologize in advance, I might weep… ALOT while we are there because I just can’t friggin’ believe we are in Japan.

      Looking forward to: Onsen… DEFINITELY. Akihabara, temples, meeting new people, Tokyo tower, Ghibl, JOYPOLIS (omg!), and just hanging out and meeting a lot of super awesome new nerd friends that we can just fanboy/fangirl out together.

      What’s on your desk?: Speakers, headphones, Naruto figurines, pictures, Archer drinking game glasses, coupons, lotion, mail, a Rooster teeth poster, a top heavy Brolly figurine, lots of crap.

      Recent Anime: Recently went back through Ouran High School Host club again, and got a friend to watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (honestly one of the best shows EVER), watched through Sword Art Online, but only season 1. Watched Princess Jellyfish about a year or so ago, and remarathoned Lovely Complex last year. Also still watching Sailor Moon Crystal (for those who said ‘don’t judge me’, never fear, in the name of the moon, we will punish you! -so does Natalie-)

      Anything else?: Ask me about my nerdy anime tattoos! And I’m a big sports buff too, but I’ll not be paying a lick of attention to any sports while we are there. But seriously, I’m going to be crying ‘happy tears’ probably more than I can control. But I won’t make it so I’m around everyone and make them feel super uncomfortable. I’ll carry around shoujo sparkles so when I cry it looks prettier.

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        “Nerdy anime tattoos?” Do tell!

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      Name: Andre

      From: Like Guillaume, I grew up in Moncton but have been living in Montreal for 10 years now.

      What brings you to the tour?: My friends! I’ve started to travel more in the last few years and Japan has always been high on my list of places to see.
      Having the opportunity to visit it with my friends was a chance I wouldn’t pass up!

      Looking forward to: Ghibli museum, Gundam statue, Robot Restaurant

      What’s on your desk?: Boring work related stuff, lol. I am envious of the rest of you and all your awesome desk items, for realz :-(

      Recent Anime: I haven’t really kept up with recent anime, although like my friends, I grew up on the stuff. Nowadays, I’m more likely to see a feature length anime then a series because of lack of time. My all-time favorites are Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: SAC, NGE and Lost Universe (aka: Slayers in space).

      Anything else?: I’m an avid hiker and so I prolonged my stay in Japan to spend 5 days hiking the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route after the tour. Lately I’ve been training to build up my endurance for the hike but now after the livestream chat, I’m thinking that the shopping will be more strenuous than the hiking!

      • #3368

        You forgot your other favorite Anime: Hell Girl! ;)

    • #3366

      I don’t know if this is the case for anyone else, but ever since Monday’s livestream the hours are just craaaaaaaaawling for me. I had to stop myself from combing through all the PacSet Youtube videos so as not to spoil the newness of the eventual trip. March 15 seems like such a long way away…

      • #3369

        For being the shortest month, February sure does feel awfully long this year, doesn’t it?

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      Name: Jonathan Huskey
      From: St. Louis, MO
      What brings you to the tour?: As a kid, I grew up playing Nintendo and watching shows like Robotech and Voltron (a hometown favorite). When I discovered that these things I loved originated from Japan, I became entranced. I wanted to learn more about the country: its culture, history, and mythology. Also, I wanted to play all the video games that never came to North America. For me, this is a journey that was decades in the making (with the monetary support of my wonderful wife and traveling companion).
      Looking forward to: Visiting shrines and temples, checking out ALL the game centers, going to the Ghibli Museum, and PLUNDERING SUPER POTATO!!!
      What’s on your desk?: Having things on a desk first requires a desk, which is actually just a step stool in the living room. At work, however, I got a DK Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal Toy, some wing-a-ling dragons from a dollar store, a Superman figurine (a childhood hero of mine), and various air/spacecraft toys ready for take off.
      Recent Anime: Um… does Lupin III or Fist of the North Star count?
      Anything else?: I’m just your typical teenage dork at heart, which is weird because I’m 36. The doctors are baffled.

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        Your tastes in Anime, sir, are beyond reproach!

    • #3449

      Why thank you, Guillaume. It’s been a long while since I’ve watched any recent anime in earnest (the last series I bought was Gurren Lagann), but I have started watching Attack on Titan, which I like to call “Attack of the 50 Foot Creepy, Naked, Cannibal Toddlers.” I also want to check out Parasyte. I read one of the volumes back in the day and liked what I saw, so I am looking forward to that.

      Oh, and Space Dandy! Really want to watch that one.

      • #3453

        Looks like we share a lot of the same tastes! If ya liked Gurren Lagann as much as I did (a lot!), you might want to check out Kill La Kill from the same crew. I just finished it and loooved it.

    • #3454

      I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Kill La Kill with my wife, but she stopped watching it because she doesn’t like the… costumes. I just need to take the time to watch some of these. I’ve still got just a little under two weeks, right?

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      Name:Stephanie Abe
      From: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
      What brings you to the tour: Dan, my boyfriend, and 3 other friends (Guillaume, Andre and Scott). I love to travel and when Dan said he’s always wanted to go to Japan, I was more than on board!
      Most looking forward to: Pretty much everything. I’m so excited to see everything from the cool anime stuff to the temples and shrines.
      What’s on your desk: I don’t have a desk haha
      Recent anime: I’ve spent the last six months watching pretty much exclusively anime since I wasn’t as up to speed as probably everyone else on the tour. So Dan has been giving me a crash course.
      Anything else: I was late to the party on here, so I’m sorry. Bright side, only 8 more days to go!!

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      My turn!

      Name: Natalie
      From: Denver, Colorado
      What brings you to the tour?: I’m a long time gamer and anime fan. I’ve wanted to go to Japan for years!
      Looking forward to: Trying out food, seeing the sights, and taking in all the pop culture! The Ghibli Museum, Akihabara and Shibuya finally get to get crossed off my bucket list :)
      What’s on your desk?: My last box of Girl Scout Cookies, my 3DS, and a Gandalf stamp that says “You Shall Not Pass!” that I sometimes stamp on student’s papers…
      Recent Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata and Mushi-Shi The Next Stage
      Anything else?: I’m excited to meet all of you!

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      Name: Andy
      From: From Dallas, TX, born in San Antonio, grew up in Austin
      What brings you to the tour?: My sis and I had been talking about taking a trip to Japan for a while and finally made it happen

      Looking forward to: Ghibli Museum, Sega Joyopolis, Super Potato, Onsen Spa (I’ve pretty much held off on getting a tattoo until a trip to Japan), Square Enix Artnia, Nakano Broadway, Himeji Castle, etc

      What’s on your desk?: monitors with Legos, MLP & Pokemon figures on top of them, random anime blurays

      Recent Anime: My job actually involves working with/staring at anime all day, so it’s kinda gotten to the point where watching it alone feels took much like work, haha. But now and then a few shows pique my interest :) I’m making my way thru Welcome to the N-H-K and Ouran High School Host Club for the first time with a friend, can’t believe it’s taken that long. Other than that, Space Dandy and Kamisama Kiss (no spoilers, haven’t started S2 yet) come to mind. My favorites off the top of my head are Casshern Sins (which apparently gets a lot of hate b/c it’s not like the original Casshern series, which I never saw), FMA and FMA Brotherhood (still need to finish both), Spice and Wolf (still need to watch S2), Soul Eater (still need to finish), Baka & Test (need to watch S1), Kanon (still need to finish, notice a trend…), Binbougami Ga/Good Luck Girl, Strike Witches, the movie Wolf Children, Video Girl Ai (for nostalgia’s sake), old school Sailor Moon, and Sgt. Frog.

      Anything else?: My sis (Jen) and I are flying separately so we’ll prob meet y’all (yep, I’m a y’all-er) at Narita. I’ll arrive in LAX from TX with over nine hours to kill so let me know if y’all want to rendezvous beforehand, if not I’ll just catch up on House of Cards :) Also, for fun I’m thinking of switching up my hairstyle (usually a mess of wavy, quasi-curlyness to something more J-Pop/K-Pop-ish for the trip. Not sure if I’d do it before or during the trip, but there is a certain appeal to actually getting a different style done in a different country. Suggestions are welcome! Looking forward to meeting y’all!


    • #3546

      Andy, there’s only one hairstyle that would be appropriate for Japan: Hayashida’s from Cromartie High. Three words: Purple undulating mohawk. The ladies will be all up on. (Warning – any advice I give is usually one or more of the following: wrong, bad, dumb, nonsensical, illegal, life-threatening, cult-forming, or induced by sleep deprivation and/or boredom. Follow at your own risk.)

    • #3553

      Hey guys!

      The day is finally here! If you are here in LA overnight, come and hang out with us! We’d like to get to know you all if we can before the trip!

      Natalie, Andelyn and I (Greg) will be at Brewsters in the Four Points Sheridan, playing games like Munchkin, Channel A, and Boss Monster. Just look for the girl with the giant 3.14 pi t-shirt and the dude in the Colorado T-shirt. We’re done there right now! Come and play and socialize!!!

    • #3571

      Anyone else here missing from the Facebook group? Hit me up if you need an invite.

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