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    Hello all, and welcome to the official forum for Animated Spring 2017! YES FRIENDS, THIS IS IT. You found it.

    Name: Evan (I’m one of your guides!)
    From: Los Angeles, CA
    Fave Anime: At the moment, Yuri on Ice. Because it is precious and adorable and other adjectives.
    Looking forward to: Meeting all of you!
    Something random about you: I still have a bunch of old VHS fansub tapes in my closet. I don’t NEED them, but they’re my childhood so I can’t bear to part with them…

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    Name: Chris
    From: Astoria, OR
    Fave Anime: Current Season: Gabriel Dropout (Hilarious and Random, reminds me of Lucky Star) But favorite overall: Way too many to count… but if I had to choose 1… Clannad, the story is great, characters well done (you actually care about each character introduced) and it is always an emotional story no matter how many times you watch it.
    Looking forward to: Meeting new friends on a Japan tour
    Something random about me: Too many random things… I keep track of how many anime episodes I have seen in my life (currently over 6,000 episodes overall).

    I have been to Japan already on the Animated Summer 2015 tour and I am looking forward to seeing Japan in a different season! See you all in 2 months!!

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    Hi fellow tour participants!

    Name: Kat
    From: Connecticut
    Fave Anime: Yuri!! on Ice currently because of feeeeels
    Looking forward to: Enjoying Japan with my husband, brother, + friends who are also coming on the tour, making new friends, and dragging my husband to Otome Road with me while I go on a fujoshi-shopping spree
    Something random about you: I freaking LOVE pugs. I am currently practicing how to say “May I pet your pug” in Japanese in case we come across any of them on this tour

    I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on the tour! We went on the Animated Summer 2014 tour and had so much fun – can’t wait to visit Japan with PacSet again :)

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    Stephanie Guest

    Hi everyone!

    Name: Steph
    From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Fave Anime: I absolutely adored Yuri!!! On Ice this past season, and I can see some of you did as well which is awesome. I’m also a huge Sailor Moon fan.
    Looking forward to: Exploring Japan with my husband, hunting for Sailor Moon merch, eating a ton of food (specifically ramen and takoyaki) and hanging out with everyone on the tour! This will be my first time in Japan and I’ve wanted to go since I was 13 so just being there will be amazing.
    Something random about you: When I was 14 I found out that there was an anime club at the University not far from me and they would post their weekly showing schedule online. So I would look up the times were showing Card Captor Sakura fansubs, sit in the back of the room and watch the episodes and then leave before anyone was the wiser ;)

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    Bjorn Pederson

    Hello Everyone!

    Name: Bjorn Pederson
    From: Fridley, Minnesota
    Fave Anime: Like a lot of People I loved Yuri!!! On Ice from last season, but my favorite overall is still Neon Genesis Evangelion. I love every bit of animation produced for that series (Including 3.33 which a lot of people seem to not like).
    Looking forward to: Just being in Japan. It will be my first time traveling outside of the country without anyone I know so I am looking forward to that experience as well to making new friends!
    Something random about you: I have had the unfortunate experience of being hit in the face with a rake like in old cartoons. It was the most random thing I could think of off the top of my head. :D

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    Lauren McKinney

    Name: Lauren and Chad
    From: Fort Worth, TX
    Favorites: Madoka Magica, Sound! Euphonium, Pokemon, FFXV, DBZ, Monster Musume, Watamote, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
    Looking Forward to: Shopping.
    Random facts: We own 2 cats.

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    Name: JonHall
    From: Branford, CT
    Favorites: Uhhh currently, would be Mob Psycho 100, Punchline and Denki-gai
    Looking Forward to: Being able to travel to another country, especially with it being Japan. Also, going to try to go to the Eorzea Cafe. Plus, meeting new people with a majority of the same interest is always a great experience.
    Random Facts: I play a lot of games. About 95% of my time is spent on Final Fantasy XIV, super excited for the Stormblood expansion!! Big fan of the Tales of series along with most other JRPGS.

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      Hey! I know you!

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    Justin x Cynthia

    Hello, everybody!
    Name: Justin and Cynthia
    From: Acworth, GA (NW Metro Atlanta)
    Fave Anime: Cynthia – InuYasha (FYI, we watched this on our 1st date)
    Justin – A lot, but currently still in love w/ Eccentric Family
    Looking forward to: Just about everything! This will be our 1st time in Japan, this is our official honeymoon (we got married in November), and both of our birthdays occur during the tour!
    Something random about you: Cynthia – I’m also a huge Disney fan
    Justin – my first animes were Battle of The Planets (Gatchaman) and Starblazers. When they were first-run.

    Looking forward to meeting and enjoying Japan with everyone!

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    Hi all.

    Name: John
    From: Minneapolis, MN
    Fave Anime: Recently, One Punch Man
    Looking forward to: Hot springs, cherry blossom viewing, Ghibli museum, Japan
    Something random about me: I was a member of the U of M fencing team

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    Hello everyone!
    Name: Monica
    From: Baltimore, MD
    Fav anime: got a lot but to name a few Mob psycho 100, Yuri on ice,and Gundam iron blooded orphans
    Looking forward to: Honestly getting out of the states for a while also cherry blossom viewing and food!!!
    Something random about me: Currently not crying over FFXV….

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    Hello everyone,

    Name: Andrew
    From: Nottingham, NH
    Fave Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, because it helped me to accept some things that I couldn’t change. Also more recently Flip Flappers because it was so imaginative and fun to watch.
    Looking forward to: The trip! But also I really can’t wait to see the cherry blossoms!
    Something random about me: I help my sister make Maple Syrup.

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    Hey everyone,

    One month to go!!

    Who all is excited?!? I’ll arrive in LA around the late afternoon/early evening of March 17th. I know PacSet will meet us at the airport but is there a place where we all can hang out before we check into our hotels (for those that chose that option) for the night to prepare for the flight to Japan?

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    Totally excited got the countdown on my phone and everything. I don’t know anything about LA but I’d love to hang out and meet anyone I can.

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    Stephanie Guest

    So pumped!! Spencer and I won’t be able to join you guys for hangouts in LA as we’re flying through Toronto, but we’ll see you in Tokyo! :D

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    Hey all! Who’s psyched for this trip?

    Name: Edin (read it the Japanese way not the English way :D)
    From: Minneapolis, MN
    Fave Anime: Code Geass, most Gundam shows
    Looking forward to: Cherry Blossoms, Gundam Arcade machines, Temples, Castles, Food
    Something random about you: English is my 3rd Language

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    Well this is going to be interesting for those of us who wanted to go mario karting:


    Nintendo press release:

    MariCAR’s website is offline now.

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    Name: Justin and Autum
    From: Emmett, ID
    Fave Anime: Sword Art Online and Assassination Classroom.
    Looking forward to: This is my wife’s and my second tour that we have done with Pacset, and everyone should be looking to it because they are awesome. We are looking forward to everything that we is planned.

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    Hey All,

    I am arriving in LAX at around 5:30. Do the people that are flying into LA before leaving for Japan tomorrow want to meet at the hotel (Sheraton at LAX) and we can have a hangout there instead of trying to find somewhere in LA to meet up?

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    Travis and I are flying in around 7 but would be interested in meeting up at the hotel as well.

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    We just arrived at the hotel. We are planning on grabbing some food. If anyone would like to meet up or join us, we will be in the lobby at 8. Travis has a green golf polo on and I have green express shirt.

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