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    Chat about the tour, meet other fellow participants!

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    Hello all. Looking forward to the trip.

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    Andrew Raxter

    This is my second attempt at going, last time my trip was cancelled the week before we were scheduled to leave due to the Tsunami. All of my friends are joking that if it happens again, I’m cursed.  I’m super excited!



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    Hi everyone! ^_^ SUPER excited for this year’s tour and thrilled to have you all aboard!

    Andrew: If you were on the tour I think you were on, I would have been your guide! Trust me, you are NOT cursed – it was just bad timing.

    Anyone have anything in particular they are looking forward to? We’re planning a pretty huge Cherry Blossom/Hanami party this year.

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    Andrew Raxter

    Yeah, it was with PopJapan, which even though they said were resuming operations appear to still be dead.

    And I think I ran into you at Anime Expo, though the name I remember is Evan Miller, which is how I found out about this. So there you go, advertisement at anime conventions work.

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    Evan is a modern day man example of taking his wife’s last name :)

    We’re also glad to see anime conventions work after all! I think it’s pretty cool you’ll end up with the same tour guide after all.

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    Andrew Raxter

    One month and counting!

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    I’m very much looking forward to seeing Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto. Being a Matsumoto fan, it will be interesting to ride a real life craft he designed as well.

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