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      We can’t guarantee a faster response here than via e-mail, but give it a shot!

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      I have a question about the Oedo Onsen springs. For the Anime Detour trip.
      Is there anything I should know ahead of time or rules they have there.
      I would hate to do something stupid and iv never been to one before.

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      The Onsen rules are pretty simple. We’ll explain how to use the baths and other areas of the facilities before we enter, but for stuff to keep in mind ahead of time:
      – No tattoos are allowed in the bathing area, but use of the footbaths and other areas is permitted. Small tattoos can be covered up so that use of the baths is possible.
      – Use of cameras is also prohibited in the bathing area.
      – There are directions for proper Yukata wear at the onsen, but just a reminder: the robes used at the onsen should be wrapped around you in a left-over-right way. The other way is only used at funerals (with understandably complicated consequences).

      Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions! :D

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      Christa Pinder

      For the new York departure for the animated summer tour, are the flights from Newark or JFK airport?

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      Hi Christa! It’s still very early, so flights for Animated Summer have not been finalized yet. The more detailed answer can be found on our FAQ page, under section 1, “Q. It’s 6 months before the tour! Why don’t you have the flight times for the tour yet?!?!”

      I hope that helps!

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      Hey I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome for helping us regulars be able to visit another country like this because that’s my aim for 2015 so with that in regard here’s my question I’ve read the FAQ about flights and cash but my main concern is with the flight itself I currently reside in Connecticut about a 100 or so miles from JFK or Newark or even Kennedy for that matter and I want to get to LA would you guys help me with getting there and meeting up with you or would I have to book a flight myself and try to find you at LAX?

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        We give our customers the option of booking with our help OR booking directly on their own. :D

        There are four big points we like to highlight with these arrangements. They are as follows:

        – We don’t make anything from the sales of domestic flights – it’s a service we offer as a courtesy to our guests.
        – We can only hold a domestic flight for 24 hours and we do need you to call in (not e-mail!) to facilitate the purchase.
        – We CANNOT offer a transfer of checked baggage from your domestic flight to the international flight in ANY case due to the restrictions of our group booking arrangements with our partner airlines.
        – Even if you book your domestic flight with us, that does NOT constitute a guarantee that we can offer any special or extra assistance should some kind of problem arise with your flight. For example: if you book a domestic flight with us and the flight is cancelled, we CANNOT offer special alternative arrangements directly; you will have to speak with the airline that is the cause of the delay. Regardless of whether you book the flight with us or not, in the past we have been able to get our guests to Japan on a later flight when their connecting flights have experienced problems.

        ON THAT NOTE:

        – If you are getting a connecting flight, you will want to make sure it arrives at least 30 minutes before our scheduled meeting time at the terminal of departure to Japan.
        – If you are flying from a region where weather is a factor (such as the Upper Midwest in winter, the Rocky Mountain region in February/March or Florida in hurricane season), we STRONGLY suggest booking a flight that arrives much earlier OR the day before. It may sound like a hassle, but it beats the heck out of missing your flight to Japan!

        Let us know if you have any other questions!

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      Hi, I’ve got a question about the onsen… I know that you have to fully wash your body before using the onsen, but for girls with long hair, do you need to wash your hair every time? Or can you just pin it up out of the way so it won’t get in the water?

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        You can put your hair up so it won’t get in the water. :) We’ll go over onsen etiquette on the tour, no worries! -Lanny

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